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Cobra Technical Breif

BYDESIGN MOTORSPORTS have commenced the manufacture of a replica of the world famous Shelby 427 Cobra. Although a new player in the Cobra replica market place, we have put together a team of very experienced KitCar Designers and Builders who over of the years have produced hundreds of Cobra replicas.

The BDM Cobra is dimensionally a faithful copy of the original 427 Cobra. The body made from the highest quality fiberglass materials is attached to an all aluminium monocoque chassis designed by Dennis Bedford, this chassis is the difference; most of our competition fabricate the chassis from steel tube and attach sheet metal panels and bulkheads with rivets. We simply reversed this process and produce a complete monocoque chassis from 4mm and 6mm aluminium and bolt in subframes that carry the suspension, motor and mechanical components.

The aluminium tub has been designed around the mechanical components and therefore allows more occupant space, the driver and passenger can sit lower in the car and have much more leg and foot room than most other replicas.

The body chassis unit is supplied to the customer completely assembled with the body attached to the chassis and doors, bonnet and boot all hinged and aligned, the steel suspension and motor frames are bolted into place.

Serious consideration has been given to the choice of components for the car so that the home builder can complete his project easily and quickly. Standard mechanical items simply bolt into the Body Chassis Unit.

BYDESIGN MOTORSPORTS and their dealers are available at all times to assist the owner with the construction of his Cobra Replica.

All parts and accessories stocked by BDM are available to all Cobra builders.


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Cobra Technical Breif

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